Tight & Bright

Tight & Bright

La Bella's maintenance solutions were developed so that our clients' can easily preserve both their serenity and their confidence. Ask about your customized “tight and bright” solution at your next visit to the spa.

Our “tight and bright” maintain solution was programmed specifically for those clients who want to retain their youthful, lifted and firm appearance.

$295 Per Month

Select either a Jet Clear, Dermal Flash Peel or a Medistim for your monthly skin service.

  • Jet Clear - Exfoliate while disarming bacteria and clogged pores with this saline based hydrofacial.
  • Red Light Dermal Flash Peel - Our cinnamon based peel followed by a firm and lift mask tightens muscles while propelling oxygen to the skin for an increased stimulation of collagen and elastin. This intensive facial will leave you feeling exhilarated.
  • Medistim - Once your aggressive phase of this dynamic face lifting series is complete, come in monthly to maintain those apple cheeks and that signify youth. Monthly maintenance is key in the prevention of jowls.

After your skin has been rejuvenated, make time for a subdermal therapy session.

  • Two Synergie Sessions - As we age, cellular function slows which results in loss of collagen and elastin. An aggressive series of Synergie treatments tighten skin and reduce the appearance of stage one and two cellulite. Those clients who have an increased genetic predisposition toward cellulite and loose skin can maintain their results with two sessions per month.
  • CelluSleek™ - This combination of subdermal, cupping, deep tissue massage, percussion, and vibration therapies is by far the most results oriented cellulite and inch reduction device on the market. Once your aggressive series is complete, a monthly maintenance visit will assist in keeping the healthiest version of your shape.