Tahiti 3000

30 Min $175

The Tahiti-3000 NSP is perfect for those trouble spots including arms, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and inner thighs. NSP heats the skin right down to the deep dermal layers where we store fat. LED technology uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many wavelengths to deliver light energy to the treatment area. The combination of these technologies yields results by heating the fatty tissues to the point that it becomes possible to manipulate the fat via the vacuum suction and mechanical massage and eventually leaves the body through the lymphatic system.

The results are smoother skin, shaping of the treated area and noticeable circumferential reduction by shrinking the size of the actual fat cells and increasing lymphatic drainage. There is no downtime and while the Tahiti 3000 treatment leaves the skin feeling warm, it is absolutely painless. In fact, some clients describe it as euphoric and it is safe for all skin types.

This treatment is perfect post-pregnancy and post-liposuction and the synergetic combination of Latest RF & Vacuum tightens and reshapes the treated area through this combination of techniques. Inch loss is imminent and the appearance of cellulite smooths out immediately once you've scheduled a Tahiti 3000 service.

In addition, the Tahiti 3000 NSP can be very successful when used for vaginal tightening and urine incontinence as well as breast forming. The combination of radio frequency and LED used to heat up subcutaneous fat cell debris is highly effective for breaking fat cells apart and the vacuum suction directs the waste to the lymph nodes for natural disposal.

Skin renewal due to increased circulation and an improvement in skin tone leaves the skin tighter and lifted.

Tahiti 3000 - Legs Tahiti 3000 - Arms