Lemon Drop Detox featuring Steamy Wonder ™

Lemon Drop Detox featuring Steamy Wonder ™

80 Min $195

Intensify the effects of our Alleia Inch Loss Wrap with the powerful detox of our misting bath infused with lemon essential oil. This radical size reduction service is perfect in a series for your upcoming wedding or exotic getaway.

Lemon essential oil is very beneficial in the treatment of cellulite in addition to its other highly regarded health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and stimulating healthy digestion. Once you have arrived for your appointment, your service provider will exfoliate your skin with a dry brush prior to wrapping you in our herb infused cloths. Once inside our Misting Bath, you will feel the pounds melting away.

This service is unparalleled when it comes to the reduction of cellulite and unwanted inches. Skin tone is tighter and more youthful in appearance once your Lemon Drop Detox is complete.