Laser Hair Removal - Legs

Laser Hair Removal - Legs

120 Min $400

Shaving is such a drag, not to mention time consuming! At fifteen minutes, three times a week, thirty six hours of your year are dedicated to shaving. You can quickly see how this adds up to weeks over a lifetime. These are weeks you could be using to do something else, something fun, something for yourself!

Laser hair removal is highly effective in removing unwanted hair. The device seeks out the pigments in the hair follicle and destroys it at the root. Because there are seven hair cycles, it's very important to schedule these treatments every three weeks for twenty one weeks.

The process is comfortable and your technician will use her handpiece to gently glide over your skin with the intense photo light. It is important not to be in the sun seventy two hours prior to or after your session. On occasion, little “sun kisses” may arise, do not touch or scratch them and they will disappear in a manageable amount of time.

You will be provided with a pair of goggles to protect your eyes during your service and your service provider will use a gel to assist with the penetration of the light. Should you have to miss a session, your service provider will help you calculate the missed hair cycle and reschedule accordingly.

Once you have completed your series, hair growth is significantly reduced if not completely eliminated. Maintenance sessions may be needed periodically due to hormonal changes that occur as a result of the aging process. It is important to remember that any medication which makes you “photosensitive” can have an effect on the service. Please let your technician know if you have recently been prescribed any such medications prior to your service. Please arrive with cleanly shaven legs so that the light can easily discern between hair follicles and surrounding skin.

Between services you may shave but do not wax. The hairs will die and fall out between treatments and even the first session will have a significant effect on hair growth in the treated area.

"Laser hair removal is the best thing I've ever done for myself." Jenna King, 42