Laser Hair Removal - Bikini-Brazilian

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini-Brazilian

30 min $200

Want it all gone? Our brazilian hair removal series eliminates all unwanted pubic hair including labia and anal region. The treatment is virtually painless and our expert technicians will make sure you feel at ease. Some clients report that this is the best series they have completed.

How does it work? The hair follicle is destroyed by the laser rendering it no longer functional. The hair will shed and the pore closes resulting in silky smooth skin. There are seven three-week hair cycles. This makes staying on a schedule a priority. If you need to miss a session, let your technician know and they will help you get rescheduled during the missed hair cycle.

What do you need to do prior to arrival? Please shave the area you want treated prior to arrival the best you can. If any hairs have been missed, we have shavers available for our technicians. Once your treatment is complete, remember not to expose the area to any sun for at least the first week. If you must be in the sun, apply a SPF frequently to the treated area. In addition, it is recommended that you not expose the treatment area to the sun a week prior to your session. This could result in a laser burn.

How do you take care of the area after treatment? Do not wax between treatments. Shaving is the only option during your series as waxing removes the hairs by their roots. This will prevent the laser from targeting the dark color of the hair. If you notice anything that concerns you, contact us immediately. It is imperative that we be involved with every aspect of your service and follow up.