Laser Hair Removal - Arms

Laser Hair Removal - Arms

15 Min $100

Shaving your underarms is the “pits” and being able to see those tiny, unsightly hairs growing is a struggle which can be eliminated very easily with laser hair removal. This service takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete and is virtually painless.

Make sure you have removed any deodorant or products that could impede the penetration of the light prior to your service. If you forget, your technician will recognize a product that may be problematic and cleanse the affected area. It is also important to remember you should shave before coming in for a session. The laser targets dark pigmentation and needs to be able to differentiate between the hair follicle and surrounding skin.

Like other hair removal treatments, underarm treatments should be done in a series of seven, every three weeks. Should you need to miss an appointment, be sure to let your technician know so it can be rescheduled during the correct hair cycle.

Remember that photosensitive medications result in a higher level of sensitivity. your technician should be aware if you have recently been prescribed such a medication. You will be provided with goggles to protect your eyes during the service.