Diamond Dust Body Scrub

Diamond Dust Body Scrub

50 Min $125

A Diamond Dust body smoothing scrub is your best weapon against dry, flaky skin that can leave you feeling dull and flaccid. This treatment is extremely beneficial to those who suffer from acne, chronic skin disorders or aging skin.

The antibacterial properties of our scrub act as a shield against the environment and leave your skin radiant and dazzling. Our cage-like zeolites prevent microscopic scarring that can result from over the counter body scrubs. These unique crystalline spheres are hydrated silicates from volcanoes, whose molecular composition resembles that of a cage, or a trap. These “traps” retain the numerous heavy metal pollutants that settle onto our skin from the environment.

Ingredients such as titanium dioxide which is extremely antibacterial and antiviral and is also a natural sunblock. Menthol is another potent ingredient of our Diamond Dust scrub and is extracted from Japanese Mint. In combination with Vitamin E, this dynamic ingredient duo slows the aging process and results in bright, youthful looking skin.