Alleia™ Herbal Inch Loss Wrap - Slimming Weight Loss

80 Min $95

Lose up to 12 inches for your special event or vacation when you schedule our Alleia™ inch loss wrap. Wraps are soaked in our proprietary herbal formula for days prior to your service. Once heated and applied, the pores on your skin open and allow for the herbs to penetrate the skin.

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Body Wraps For Weight Loss

Slimming Body Wraps

Why is this important?

The adipose tissue is composed of fat cells and also toxins. This is because molecular structures such as caffeine and preservatives are not recognized as foreign by the body. When we are thoroughly hydrated, water is the substance our body prefers. However, when there isn't enough water available, our tissues will “drink” whatever is available.

The molecular structure of caffeine, alcohol and food toxins is much larger than the molecular structure of water. Once these substances are absorbed by the tissues they become “trapped”. Congestion, lymphedema, and the appearance of cellulite can appear. While the body doesn't recognize these toxins as foreign, it will recognize the herbs contained in our proprietary formula.

The herbs carry a charge that causes binding to the toxins. As the lymphatic system pushes the herbs out of the body, the toxins follow along behind causing substantial inch loss and skin smoothing. Clients will be wrapped for approximately 45 minutes during this service and measurements are done before and after so you will be able to see the results for yourself.

It is important to continue drinking lots of water for up to 48 hours after your service so that the tissues can be replenished. It is also key that you start treating your body like your new size.